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We are the leaders in providing quality Selenium Training to Corporates and Individuals. We are involved in Selenium Corporate Training, Selenium Online Training and Selenium Classroom Trainings in India (Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Gurgaon), UK (London, Glasgow, Leads) and in US. Our main motto is to let our students learn through practice. We provide as much detailed information as possible. Our course is designed for individuals that are aspiring to be Test Automation architects or team leaders. You would be able to lead teams in your work environment efficiently and will be able to design efficient test frameworks. You will be able to provide efficient Selenium test automation consulting to teams in your workplace. Our training is divided in two modules/months:


Selenium Professional Training

Practice Exercises & Live Project

Basic Selenium Training

This Selenium Training course is targeted for individuals/teams and manual testers. Who have no prior experience in Selenium, any programming language or any other test automation tool. Course will start with a brief introduction of automation and Programming concepts. Later will tread through to the point where you will be comfortable writing your own Selenium tests. Course ends with a project where you have to write tests based on given sets of requirements. These tests will be graded and will gauge your comfort level with Selenium. This course is designed for those who work as individual contributors in their team or want to clear interviews of Selenium specific jobs. At the end of this course you will be able to actively participate in Selenium based projects. Participants will be able to clear Selenium based job interviews.

Advance Selenium Training – (Designing Frameworks)

This course is targeted for the people who have either completed Selenium Basic training or have some prior knowledge of Selenium. This course is designed to impart complete knowledge of Selenium internals and industry relevant topics. A few additional topics are listed here – Designing Test Automation frameworks – Hybrid, Keyword and Data Driver frameworks. – TestNg, Log4J and Microsoft excel interfacing. Complete list of details can be found at the bottom of the page.

Selenium Training Demo Videos


Java Video – Control Statements Pt 1-
Java Video – Control Statements Pt 2-


Switching Windows, Frames & Actions Class-
XPath, CSS, Desired Capabilities & FirefoxProfile-


TestNG Video – Introduction, Installation and Running Tests-
TestNG Video – TestNg Xml, Test Suite, and Command Line execution-


Framework Video – Introduction and Component of Frameworks-
Framework Video – Designing Data Provider-


Selenium Certification

Certificate of Completion for Selenium Training will be provide after the completion of course to every participant.

Certificate of Completion

Selenium Training Certificate


Online Selenium Training

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Selenium Course Content

Basic Selenium WebDriver Training- 1st Month

Selenium Training – WebDriver Basics is a 4 week program. It requires 8 classes spread out over four weeks and each class is a 2 hour class. This course will give you a solid understanding of selenium WebDriver, different modules and prepare you for writing automation tests in selenium. You will find the complete course content below. Please follow the link for Complete Selenium Course Detail and FAQ.


1) Automation : A brief introduction to automation and the need for automation. How automation will enable you to beat competition and make you get the better jobs in market.
2) Java for QA : This class will set you up for understanding Basic OOPs and java concepts. These concepts will be extremely important for you to become a good Automation tester. This section is specially designed so that can be followed by any Manual test very easily.

3) Eclipse IDE : This topic might seem little off place here but it’s very important topic to understand the tool you are using. Eclipse will the primary choice of development environment and we will discuss features of eclipse here.

4) Set up Eclipse : We will start with setting up WebDriver, so that every participant start flaunting off their newly learnt skills by writing some cool test programs:


5) WebDriver Interface : This topic will make you familiar with the concept of browsers in WebDriver and how to launch basic Firefox browser using WebDriver. Here we will also talk about WebDriver & WebElement interface which will enable us to answer many complicated Interview Questions about WebDriver Implementation.

6) Browser & Navigation Commands : This is something which everybody do very first thing when they learn Selenium. Opening & closing of browser and some navigation function on top of it.
7) WebElement Commands : An important and basic need of Selenium Automation. This part enables every participant to start writing automation test in their organizations. These are the most commonly used operations on any website.

8) Locators : In this class we will start learning about HTML, how elements are defined inside HTML document and what are the different attributes that are associated with an HTML element. We also try to find elements based on its attribute values.
9) Element Identification : This part explains the lifesaver Add-Ons & tools for Selenium. Finding elements are the most common activity carried out in Selenium. These tools give us power to easily identify complex elements and help us in saving lot of time.


10) Tables, Checkboxes & Radio buttons : Many applications involve use of web tables and list boxes. These skills will help participant to get the expertise on complex tables structures and write effective automation test.
11) Launching different browsers using WebDriver : This topic will make you familiar with the concept of browsers in WebDriver and how to launch different types of browsers using WebDriver. This will also covers the Challenges faced in using browser other than firefox.
12) Selenium Waits, Alert & Switch Windows : A little complexity will start now onwards. To use Waits effective is very important for every automation tester. Wait helps us in switching windows, handling pop-ups, operating alerts correctly.


13) Action Class : This gives us power on recently build Application with latest and complex object features. Hovering mouse or simulate Mouse and Keyword operations can be done by using Action Class. A necessary thing to learn in Selenium journey.

14) Auto IT : AutoIT is third party tool which is used for Desktop automation. In Selenium world sometimes there Is a need of automating windows component in browser automation script. So automation done through AutoIT can be called with Selenium Scripts.
15) Browser Profile : Different types of browser profiles and user authentication models with examples will be discussed in this class. You will need these to test secured websites and user authenticated websites.

Advance Selenium WebDriver Training- 2nd Month

Selenium WebDriver Professional is for those who want to get under the skin of test automation with Selenium. We get into lots of details during these sessions and hence the course duration at times take little more time than expected. Professional course is a 8 weeks program which include 4 weeks Basics as well. It requires 16 – 18 classes and each class is a 2 hour class. In addition to the basic course we will cover Data driven, Keyword driven and Hybrid framework creation, TestNG, Log4j and many other wonderful topics which helps you in designing your own Frameworks. You will find the complete course content below. Please follow the link for Complete Selenium Training Course Content and FAQ.


16) Advance Java Tutorial : In this class we dive deep into understanding Instances, classes and Inheritance which are prerequisite to Automation Framework. We will also take a look at how program control flows and how we can alter it to suit our needs.



18) TestNG Framework : TestNG is a wonderful off the shelf framework that can be used directly to create your test framework. We will learn about this framework here.

WEEK 7 & 8

19) Automation Framework : This class will cover the concepts of Frameworks. After this the participant would got to know that which type of Framework works best for their Application and the pros & cons of the selected framework. Knowledge of frameworks is key skill to learn.
20) LIVE PROJECT – Selenium Hybrid Framework : In this class we will explore some major frameworks by looking at the code and understanding the key component of the framework. A demo website will be taken and framework will be built on top of that which will simulate actual project scenario.