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Katalon’s 2021 Continuous Testing Navigator is here to help teams of all sizes. Additionally, it addresses the challenges of the rapidly changing Quality Assurance landscape.

The report collects and interprets the results from the survey of 2,500+ testing teams worldwide. Moreover, these questionnaires cover the elements of the testing process like challenges, potential solutions, and experts’ insights. In addition to this, it provides the testing community a testing benchmark for self-assessment.

  • Top QA landscape trends in the industry
  • The continuous testing maturity model
  • Challenges from its implementation
  • Test Orchestration: Giving Structure to Your Continuous Testing

With the help of global software testing communities, Katalon distributed the inquiry. This, in turn, consists of 13 questions focusing on the participants’ experience, in multiple channels. Subsequently, we can divide the survey result analysis into four main parts:

1. Top QA landscape trends in the industry

The software industry keeps evolving constantly. Moreover, what was cutting edge a few years back might not work anymore. Therefore, understanding the top quality assurance (QA) landscape becomes more and more important for any testing role.

***2. The continuous testing maturity model ***

Continuous testing refers to the software testing process with early and frequent product evaluation throughout the SDLC. Additionally, the road to testing maturity, at any stage, is never a straight line. Succeeding, failing, and detouring are all vital parts of the process. Consequently, the Continuous Testing Maturity Model acts as a self-assessment for teams to define their progress on the automated testing journey with three stages of maturity levels -- Initial, Defined and Optimized.

3. Challenges from its implementation

While the outcomes are valuable and important, the successful application of such testing in any development environment can be difficult. This next part talks about the top challenges across different stages of maturity. After understanding the obstacles, teams can come up with suitable solutions towards improving quality, speed, and efficiency.

4. Test Orchestration: Giving Structure to Your Continuous Testing

While continuous testing adoption steadily increases, many challenges still hinder the maturity across organizations. This final part compiles experts' advice as guidance towards better team collaboration using standardized processes and test orchestration tools.

Katalon TestOps is a comprehensive platform with test execution, team collaboration, and project management capabilities. Besides having a centralized testing ecosystem, TestOps offers teams the ability to orchestrate intensive test control across the entire process. Try TestOps for Free.

Please note that this white paper is not a scientific study as Katalon gathers and examines the survey responses to provide the following analysis and key findings. The percentages or other data are rounded off to the nearest whole number for reporting purposes.

Take a look at these key analyses from the survey.

Respondents' Background Information

Respondent’s Background Information_The Continuous Testing Navigator for 2021

The Maturity Model

The Continuous Testing Maturity Model_2

Additionally, you can get the full PDF here:

Historical Test Report Portal — How Developers Accelerate the Testing Process
Historical Test Report Portal — How Developers Accelerate the Testing Process
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